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How to install Zalify Translator?

How to install it?

Add it from Chrome extension store:

How to use it?

Install Shopify Translate & Adapt App:
- Go to the Shopify App Store.
- Search for the “Shopify Translate & Adapt” app.
- Install the app into your Shopify store.

Add a Language:
- After installation, go to the app’s homepage within your Shopify dashboard.
- Click on “Manage” to access the store languages settings.

- In the language's settings, click on “Add a Language.”

- Select “Spanish” (or your desired language) from the list of available languages.
Access Shopify Translate & Adapt:
- Return to the main page of the “Shopify Translate & Adapt” app.

Translate the Homepage of your Online Store:
- Look for the “Theme” section and click on “Templates.”

- On the left sidebar, select “index - home page.”
- If the Zalify Auto Translate extension is installed, you should see a button labeled “Translate (powered by Zalify).” Click on it.

Automatic Translation:
- The translation will be completed quickly.
- After it’s done, refresh the page.
- You will see that all content on the homepage has been translated into Spanish.

Confirm Translation:
- Navigate through your store’s pages to double-check and confirm the translated content.
Remember, the effectiveness of automatic translations can vary. It's always good to have someone fluent in the language review the translations to ensure accuracy and context.

The error code

40002: Failed to call Microsoft translate API, just try again.
40001: Exceeded the quota limit, please go to the Zalify Admin to recharge.

The pricing

You need to subscribe to the Basic plan or higher (Basic, Pro, Premium or Unlimited) to be able to access the Translator features.
The pricing is based on translated characters.
1 million characters: $20
10 million characters: $189

Updated on: 18/12/2023

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