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How to Prevent Your Zalify Emails from Landing in the Spam Folder


As a Zalify user, you understand the importance of reaching your recipients' inboxes. However, sometimes your carefully crafted emails may end up in the spam folder. In this blog post, we'll explore the reasons why emails may be marked as spam and provide actionable tips to ensure your Zalify emails reach their intended destination.

Poor Sender Reputation

One of the main reasons emails end up in the spam folder is a poor sender reputation. This could be due to a high number of spam complaints, low engagement rates, or sending to invalid email addresses. To maintain a good sender reputation:

Regularly clean your email list to remove invalid or inactive addresses.
Segment your audience to send targeted content, ensuring higher engagement.
Encourage recipients to add you to their contacts or whitelist your email address.

Lack of Email Authentication

Email authentication helps mailbox providers verify the identity of the sender. This can reduce the likelihood of your emails being flagged as spam. To set up email authentication with Zalify:

Implement Sender Policy Framework (SPF) to verify your sending domain.
Set up DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) to digitally sign your emails.
Use Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) to gain more control over your domain's email.

Spammy Content and Subject Lines

Using spammy words, excessive punctuation, or misleading information in your subject line or email content can trigger spam filters. To avoid this:

Use clear and concise subject lines that accurately represent your email content.
Avoid using all caps, excessive punctuation, or overly promotional language.
Personalize your emails to make them more engaging and relevant to the recipient.

High Email Volume or Frequency

Sending too many emails or too frequently can trigger spam filters and lead to your emails being marked as spam. To prevent this:

Monitor your sending volume and frequency to ensure you're not overwhelming your recipients.
Establish a consistent sending schedule and stick to it.
Implement a double opt-in process to ensure subscribers are genuinely interested in your content.

Not Complying with CAN-SPAM or GDPR

Failing to comply with email regulations like the CAN-SPAM Act (US) or General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) can result in your emails being marked as spam. To stay compliant:

Clearly identify yourself as the sender in the "From" field.
Include a physical mailing address in your emails.
Provide an easy-to-use unsubscribe link and honor opt-out requests promptly.


Ensuring your Zalify emails reach their intended recipients is essential for successful email marketing. By following these best practices, you can improve your deliverability rates and keep your emails out of the spam folder. Keep your sender reputation strong, authenticate your emails, create engaging content, monitor your sending habits, and stay compliant with regulations to optimize your email marketing efforts.

Updated on: 14/07/2023

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