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Smart Reports: The Three-in-One Sales Report


The Shopify Three-in-One Sales Report is a powerful tool, designed specifically for Shopify's operations team, with the aim of providing them with key sales data and performance indicators. The report aggregates traffic data, order sales data, and product detail data, offering a comprehensive view to the users and helping them understand the performance of their products over a given time period.

With the Shopify Three-in-One Sales Report, users can quickly and accurately obtain the display and sales quantities of specific items they are interested in. This report not only provides the sales value of individual items' display opportunities, i.e., the sales efficiency indicator, but also helps users save a lot of time integrating reports. Users can easily understand which products performed well over a given period, and thus better decide whether to give more exposure opportunities to products with higher display value.

This powerful report provides the Product UV value indicator, which is derived by considering the display quantity and sales quantity of the product. It can assist decision-makers in judging whether to increase the exposure of high UV value products by more advertising or top display in the product list. This data-driven decision-making method will help the Shopify operations team allocate resources and investments more accurately, thus optimizing sales strategies and improving overall performance.

In conclusion, the Shopify Three-in-One Sales Report is a powerful tool that provides the Shopify operations team with a solution for centrally managing and analyzing key sales data. Its user-friendly interface and deep insights make it the preferred tool for decision-makers, helping them save time, improve sales efficiency, and better develop their online business.

Main Features

Please refer to the 'Appendix - Glossary' for the meaning of abbreviations in the header

Comprehensive Report Aggregation: The Shopify Three-in-One Sales Report provides a comprehensive report by aggregating traffic data, order sales data, and product detail data. Users can view and analyze key sales indicators in one place, saving a lot of time and effort without having to manually integrate multiple reports.
Product Display and Sales Quantity: The report displays the display and sales quantities of each product over a given time period. Users can easily understand the exposure of each product (data source: Shopify store's traffic data, similar to Google Analytics 4 data, but more complete, more accurate and updated in real-time) and its sales performance (data source: Shopify order data), providing important references for product strategy and promotion decisions.
Sales Efficiency Indicator: By combining display quantity and sales quantity, the report calculates and displays the sales efficiency indicator of each product, i.e., Product UV value. This indicator can help users determine which products have higher sales value under the same exposure conditions, thereby optimizing resource allocation and decision-making and improving overall sales efficiency.
Time Period Filtering: Users can choose different time periods as needed to filter and analyze the report. This allows users to compare sales performances in different periods, track trends during quarters, months, or specific event periods.
Search and Filter Function: The report provides a search and filter function that allows users to quickly locate specific products or specific sales data. This flexibility allows users to delve into specific products or specific sales details they are interested in.
Data Visualization and Graphs: The report presents data in an intuitive way, helping users better understand sales trends and performances through graphs and visual images. Users can quickly identify key insights through graphs and use these insights to guide decision-making and strategic planning.
Export and Share Function: Users can export report data as Excel for further data processing and analysis. In addition, users can share reports with team members to promote collaboration and decision-making.

Data Security and Privacy Protection

- The Shopify Three-in-One Sales Report is committed to protecting user data security and privacy, and has taken a series of security measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data.
- Through data encryption technology, the report ensures the security of data during transmission and storage.
- Access control mechanisms ensure that only authorized personnel within Shopify stores can access the data. Neither Zalify nor any third party can access any data before obtaining the permission of the Shopify store owner. Also, Zalify does not store or backup report data, protecting data from unauthorized access.

Performance and Scalability

- The Shopify Three-in-One Sales Report is optimized to provide fast and stable performance.
- Designed for large-scale data and high concurrent access, it has good scalability, able to handle large amounts of data and user requests.
- The report's architecture and technology selection ensure efficient data processing and quick response times, allowing users to instantly obtain the sales data and indicators they need.

User Support

- The Shopify Three-in-One Sales Report is committed to providing comprehensive user support and help.
- Detailed manuals and operation guides are built into the report, and users can refer to these documents at any time to understand how to use different functions and perform various operations.
- Resources such as online documents and frequently asked questions (FAQs) are provided, and users can refer to and solve problems on their own when they encounter problems.
- Users can also contact our professional customer support team via email ( or WeChat (zrylise) for targeted answers and technical support.



Qty - Total quantity

ADQ - Average daily quantity

UV - Unique visitor

CR - Conversion rate

DOP - Date of Publication

DOC - Date of Creation

ASP - Average selling price

DP - Display price

Updated on: 03/08/2023

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