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How to cleanly remove legacy third-party Pixels code

After installing Zalify Pixels, you need to completely delete the Pixels code left over from other places in the Shopify store to prevent events from being captured repeatedly. Here's a list of all the possible legacy Pixels code you need to check:

Check Online Store Preferences

From your Shopify admin, click Sales Channels > Online Store.

Find Preferences in the left navigation.

In the Facebook section, delete the pixel ID and save.

Check Facebook App

From your Shopify admin, click Settings > Apps & sales channels.

From the Apps & Sales Channels page, tap Facebook & Instagram.

Click Open Sales Channel.

Click Settings.

In the Data Sharing Settings section, click Disconnect to delete your current pixel.

Update January 20, 2023: If you are still seeing the "Remove Third-Party Code" prompt banner in Zalify after disconnecting Pixel, you will need to find and uninstall the Facebook & Instagram sales channel in your Shopify admin backend under Settings -> Apps and Sales Channels. Make sure the prompt banner is no longer visible in the Zalify backend before reinstalling and configuring.

Check Checkout Additional scripts

In your Shopify admin, click Settings > Checkout.

From the Checkout page, find the Order status page section.

In the Additional scripts, there are usually codes related to conversion events installed by other plug-ins or agents for you.

Delete the relevant code, or contact Zalify customer service to help you deal with it (need to subscribe to the Pro plan)

Check theme code

This part has high professional requirements, and it is not recommended for merchants who do not understand the code to operate it by themselves. Please contact Zalify customer service to help you deal with it (requires subscription to Pro plan)

Updated on: 25/01/2023

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