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How to Install Google Ads Conversion Tags and Enhanced Conversions

If you use Google Ads to advertise your Shopify store, you will typically need to set up corresponding conversion event tags (Conversions Label) to enhance your advertising efforts. This way, conversion events can be sent back to Google Ads to help optimize its algorithm for matching and learning.

Zalify Pixels has built-in complete Google Ads e-commerce conversion event tracking and reporting. After installing the Zalify plugin, you can track and report on the following standard e-commerce events without the need to add any code:

- View content
- Add to cart
- Begin checkout
- Purchase

At the same time, the Enhanced Conversions feature can be used for optimizing advertising effectiveness with the Purchase event.

Installing 4 Standard E-commerce Event Conversion Tags for Google Ads

In the Google Ads backend, go to Conversions Settings.

Click on New Conversion Action.

Select Website.

Enter your store's URL, click Scan, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Add a conversion action manually.

Set up the Purchase conversion event as shown in the figure below.

Then set up the Page View, Add to Cart, and Begin Checkout events in the same way.

| Ensure that Purchase is primary and the other three are secondary.

| Ensure that the Count for the Purchase event is Every, and the other three events are One.

Then, click on each of these four conversion events in turn to get their conversion ID and conversion label. The conversion ID is the same for all four events, but each event has a different conversion label.

Go to Zalify > Pixels > Google Ads, fill the conversion id and labels.

Enabling Enhanced Conversions

Zalify has the ability to integrate with Enhanced Conversions for the Purchase event, but it requires enabling Enhanced Conversions in the Google Ads backend to receive the corresponding data.

Go to the details page of the "Purchase" conversion goal.

Expand "Enhanced Conversions" and select Turn on enhanced conversions.

Select "Google tag or Google Tag Manager" as the Tag type, enter your store's URL, and click check URL.

Choose to use "Edit code" at the bottom.

Click the Save button.

Google Ads enhanced conversions are only available for "Purchase" events. The principle is to send the customer's email and phone number to Google Ads. This information cannot be obtained for non-purchase events.
Newly added Google Ads may take some time to receive events. Google Ads' official statement is within 72 hours, but in most cases, it takes only one day.

Updated on: 03/08/2023

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